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Everyone has heard of Silicon Valley. It’s an area south of San Francisco, USA, where most of the biggest companies of the world like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix and many more are located.
Did you know that the most innovative companies of the world are located here? redes sociales

What is innovation

It's to think and act in a distinctive way with positive results, introducing products or services to the market that hold elements that are different to anything that already exists.
To innovate is to think and act in a different, useful and effective way.
51% of employees speak a language other than english.
An executive can earn more than 250 thousand euros a year.
Why is Silicon Valley the core of innovation?
It promotes innovation at every level.
If they fall, they get up immediately. There is no fear of failing.
Most of these companies are recognized for their huge level of innovation around the world.
Speed in processes and negotiations
Huge budget to finance the ideas and companies.
Here are
the most important companies of
present day


Smart Cars that don’t
require a driver.

Google Glass

Manages mobile content through
voice commands.

Ara Project

Pieces of phones that combine through magnets to customize the smartphone.

The most important search engine of the world, but it didn’t stop there, it continued innovating to develop:


In case of unfortunate events like natural disasters or accidents, facebook allows you to quickly notify
if you are safe during and after the event.

Pages and groups

Gathers people and brands with common interests to interact with
each other.

Augmented reality

Selfie filters that place objects and elements that recognize and follow our patterns and shapes.

One of the largest social media platforms in the world, their greatest innovations are related to its own platform.


Includes devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac Desktops, MacBooks, iPod, Apple
Watch and Apple TV.


Operating systems iOS, macOS,
watchOS y tvOS, iTunes, iWork, Final
Cut Pro X, Logic Pro, Xsan y el
navegador Safari.

The biggest software, hardware, online service and technology devices company of the world.


Create your own profile so it can filter your preferences and customize a long list of
options for you.

Own productions

Started on March 2011, Netflix started to purchase
original content for their platform.

One of the most succesful online streaming company of the world. More than 117 million users.
The dark side of Silicon Valley_

Huge amounts of failed projects

Close to 500 startups are created every month and only one

Exhausting Work

Most companies demand a lot of work and more innovation than before. Normally the companies work for projects and they expect high results.


No time to lose! There is a lot of competition from every place of the world arriving at the valley.

Silicon Valley’s

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg: Founder of Facebook, to date he is the youngest multimillionaire of the Forbes list. Since 2010 he was included in the top 100 wealthiest and influential people in the world by TIME magazine.

Steve Jobs

Founded Apple in 1976 in his house garage. In the 80’s he was fighting at the top of the competition in personal use computers, which is one of the main reasons why he started innovating.

Bill Gates

Business man, informatics
specialist and philanthropist
from USA. Co-founder of the
software company Microsoft. He
is known as the second richest
man alive.

Larry Page

Creator of Google, nowadays he is the CEO of Alphabet, a company that rounds up Google and other companies of the sector. Google was launched in 1998.